The Forge Shop News!



Many apologies for being silent last week, but we return with good news! The industrial bay shop area has been secured and we spent a good many hours with the forklift getting shelves moved around and palettes of tools put in place. It’s not quite done yet, but it’s moving forward and starting to take shape so we’re super excited.

In other news, our Flashforge Creator 3D printer arrived and we’ve been playing with that over the past few days. We bought it used and it arrived missing a nut on the back to hold one of the material spools on so naturally the first thing we printed was a replacement:


Still getting it calibrated and playing with the material settings so the first prints are a little scratchy, but overall we’re impressed and excited to see how this’ll open up our other prop making abilities.

Alex is doing a tutorial on a quick method for metal-look painting MDF (or any material, really) so watch for that coming up and we’re hoping to dive into a bit of Blender modelling to 3D printing workflow stuff once we figure it out ourselves.

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