Otafest 2015



We were at Otafest in Calgary as the Sesame Street Yipyip aliens!

Lots of love, lots of hugs. Thanks everyone for your compliments, it’s cool to make things that bring such smiles to everyone’s faces.

As for the construction, both aliens were made of blankets from Target, sewn as a sort of dress layer with shoulder straps and then a head on top with some structure like a hardhat would have, which conveniently ratchets to fit a variety of head sizes. There’s tubular foam on the inside of the lip to give it shape, and of course the black veil inside so we could (sort of) see out. Styrofoam eyes, pipecleaner and pom-poms for the antennae. The tentacle “legs” were bits of the blanket sewn into a tube and safety-pinned to the outside of the bottom half. This was a convenient feature, actually, because going down stairs you can accidentally step on them and it’s a sort of emergency release to have them fall off rather than entangle you.

Next year we’re going to have to dress up as something with more ventilation though. Is there a fan monster or something?

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