Egypt’s First Maker Faire


Karakeeb makerspace

Something we take for granted as huge events that happen in tons of cities every year, Egypt has had their own Maker Faire and it’s awesome.

There’s not much we can personally say, but the article is full of great quotes:

Hisham Khodeir of Fab Lab Egypt wants to work with the Karakeeb Makerspace [Karakeeb means “junk” in Arabic]. He admires what they have accomplished: “It is not about resources; it is about will.”

Flying quadcopter drones are apparently illegal, which is crazy to contrast with our country that has entire stores devoted to building and maintaining them. There’s something so inspiring about that scofflaw ‘makers gonna make’ attitude. Just take things and make new things; repeat.

SKILLS over Money
BUILDING over Buying
CREATION over Consumption

People want to work together and learn together, and if they can’t do it in school, they might have to find it in a fab lab or makerspace.

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