BUILD: Industrial Modern Chain Lamp

Chain lamp 3

Chain lamp 2

Also, now you can buy one and we’ll hand make it for you!

BUILD: Industrial Modern Standing Lamp PT.1 + 2

Part 1 + 2 of an industrial modern standing lamp wherein I make terrible welds and edit them all out. Watch Alex do things properly!

BUILD: Piano-style Coat Rack

A ripoff of this design with / by special guest Graeme Janzen!

Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t finish: the last steps would have been cutting that threaded rod and then capping boards over the exposed nuts to clean the sides up completely. Then some back pieces so the rack bits can’t overextend in any undesirable angles.

You can make it out of any kind of wood, this sanded white plywood was going for a sort of Tom Sacks thing.

BUILD: Fan Fume Filter

Some scrap 120mm computer fans, some aluminum L extrusion and a carbon filter make the actual fan head. We’ve paired it with a movable arm and a base that we had laying around from some old projects.

REMIX: Super Simple IKEA Desktop Hack

Youtube link

This week on Forgelock: we bolt some boards onto some other boards, Alex wears a shirt and I continue to be on the run from Maritime Law.

I’m not going to lie, it’s wood we found on the side of the road bolted onto an Ikea bookshelf laid on its side. Is that a hack? Ehhh. But does it look fantastic? You betcha.

Also, it cost a whopping total $10 (just stain and bolts) so that’s a win.

BUILD: Notebook Logo Spraypainting

Video link

Alex got me this cork notebook to match my cork desk and vinyl plotted / spray painted the Forgelock logo on it.

What a great DIY project and super easy even if you don’t have a vinyl plotter: just painter’s tape and newspaper is a great way to mask shapes off for spraying.

Also, as of 2016 we’re going to the “new video every tuesday” schedule, so in a sense this is the first build of season one!

BUILD: Cool DIY Infinity Mirror


Youtube link

Happy holidays! Filmed on Christmas, released on New Years. Let no one say we aren’t working for you, haha

BUILD: Speakers from Garbage Bins

Basically, I had some extra Alpines kicking around from what I was originally going to put into car, but made them into something for my computer desk instead.

2x small trash bins from Superstore, 1 length of 2″ PVC pipe, some wood (cedar?) we found on the road, some random foam and cotton pillow batting, old power supply we pulled out of a dead computer, a 12V car amp to run them and a bit of wiring / odds and ends.

Tutorial Video: How to Crimp Ethernet Cables

Quick tutorial on crimping and making ethernet / RJ45 cables

U-Haul News + Videos

Easter friday, a holiday. Naturally, I woke up at 5:30am. Turns out though, this is good because it’s dark still and no one is on the streets – I made the above video as a funny little thing about my car.

2:00pm we pick up the U-Haul; we bought some gorgeous tool chests and had to bring a workbench and miscellaneous supplies from Alex’s garage to The Forge shop.

We shot a ton of footage of the move itself so I’m hoping to put together some nice timelapses of things and share those, but for now:

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