Otafest 2015



We were at Otafest in Calgary as the Sesame Street Yipyip aliens!

Lots of love, lots of hugs. Thanks everyone for your compliments, it’s cool to make things that bring such smiles to everyone’s faces.

As for the construction, both aliens were made of blankets from Target, sewn as a sort of dress layer with shoulder straps and then a head on top with some structure like a hardhat would have, which conveniently ratchets to fit a variety of head sizes. There’s tubular foam on the inside of the lip to give it shape, and of course the black veil inside so we could (sort of) see out. Styrofoam eyes, pipecleaner and pom-poms for the antennae. The tentacle “legs” were bits of the blanket sewn into a tube and safety-pinned to the outside of the bottom half. This was a convenient feature, actually, because going down stairs you can accidentally step on them and it’s a sort of emergency release to have them fall off rather than entangle you.

Next year we’re going to have to dress up as something with more ventilation though. Is there a fan monster or something?

U-Haul News + Videos

Easter friday, a holiday. Naturally, I woke up at 5:30am. Turns out though, this is good because it’s dark still and no one is on the streets – I made the above video as a funny little thing about my car.

2:00pm we pick up the U-Haul; we bought some gorgeous tool chests and had to bring a workbench and miscellaneous supplies from Alex’s garage to The Forge shop.

We shot a ton of footage of the move itself so I’m hoping to put together some nice timelapses of things and share those, but for now:

Egypt’s First Maker Faire

Karakeeb makerspace

Something we take for granted as huge events that happen in tons of cities every year, Egypt has had their own Maker Faire and it’s awesome.

There’s not much we can personally say, but the article is full of great quotes:

Hisham Khodeir of Fab Lab Egypt wants to work with the Karakeeb Makerspace [Karakeeb means “junk” in Arabic]. He admires what they have accomplished: “It is not about resources; it is about will.”

Flying quadcopter drones are apparently illegal, which is crazy to contrast with our country that has entire stores devoted to building and maintaining them. There’s something so inspiring about that scofflaw ‘makers gonna make’ attitude. Just take things and make new things; repeat.

SKILLS over Money
BUILDING over Buying
CREATION over Consumption

People want to work together and learn together, and if they can’t do it in school, they might have to find it in a fab lab or makerspace.

The Forge Shop News!


Many apologies for being silent last week, but we return with good news! The industrial bay shop area has been secured and we spent a good many hours with the forklift getting shelves moved around and palettes of tools put in place. It’s not quite done yet, but it’s moving forward and starting to take shape so we’re super excited.

In other news, our Flashforge Creator 3D printer arrived and we’ve been playing with that over the past few days. We bought it used and it arrived missing a nut on the back to hold one of the material spools on so naturally the first thing we printed was a replacement:


Still getting it calibrated and playing with the material settings so the first prints are a little scratchy, but overall we’re impressed and excited to see how this’ll open up our other prop making abilities.

Alex is doing a tutorial on a quick method for metal-look painting MDF (or any material, really) so watch for that coming up and we’re hoping to dive into a bit of Blender modelling to 3D printing workflow stuff once we figure it out ourselves.

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