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Easter friday, a holiday. Naturally, I woke up at 5:30am. Turns out though, this is good because it’s dark still and no one is on the streets – I made the above video as a funny little thing about my car.

2:00pm we pick up the U-Haul; we bought some gorgeous tool chests and had to bring a workbench and miscellaneous supplies from Alex’s garage to The Forge shop.

We shot a ton of footage of the move itself so I’m hoping to put together some nice timelapses of things and share those, but for now:

DIY GoPro Mount


Exciting additional to my personal camera collection and to the Forgelock shop as we ramp up to filming video tutorials: a GoPro Hero 4 Black!

Bought a few of the official GoPro mounting accessories but naturally I’m already inventing my own new stuff. The above is my bike’s headlight mount repurposed with the longer GoPro extension arm hacked up to fit. The knuckle interface has a two-pronged end and a three-pronged mate with the threaded insert to hold the camera itself – we needed that bit in the end, so I cut one of the tabs from the two-prong end off to allow that bolt to go in. Now, the hole was a little small for that center bolt so I Dremeled out a bit of material and cut a scar into the flat bottom where it has to cross over the rubber lip on the far side. This extra contact adds a bit of structure anyway, which is convenient.

It works pretty well! I just went for a quick lap in the rain and although the film is boring the mount itself lovely. It’s super sturdy as far as the camera isn’t going to fall off randomly, but that strap is sort of a rubber material and as such the footage is a little prone to vibration and shake. You can remove most of that in post with stabilization software, but realistically I’d want to build some kind of smooth gimble to do stabilization at a physical level and get super clean shots. A future tutorial idea, perhaps!

We built some rails for our miter saw last night, and here’s some 120 FPS footage from the cutting (keep in mind Instagram compresses it way down. Originally shot in lovely 1080p)

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