Forgelock Glitch Wallpaper

Forgelock Tron 12

Glitch city! A little doodle idea we had turned into these. All 1080 resolution, right click to download.

The basic workflow was Blender for the logo + dots render, then Photoshop for the scanlines and minor vignette. Run that through an image glitcher to speed up iteration (you can do it by manually opening .jpg files in a text editor, but this is a lot faster) and then the last two have a little extra film dust thrown onto them.

forgelock tron 4

forgelock tron 6

forgelock tron 9

forgelock tron 14

forgelock tron 16

forgelock tron 17

forgelock tron 18

forgelock tron 19-2

forgelock tron 19-3

First Post: Flame Background

Forgelock Fire

We at Forgelock like free stuff, and so do you!

So naturally our first post is that very thing: a sweet wallpaper, and introduction to the great things we have in store for you coming up. Click the image to download full 1080 size.

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