Blender Timelapse – Forgelock Logo Doodle

Forgelock Piano Black 1

This isn’t any sort of official video release from us (we’re filming episode one today, in fact!) but I was playing around with the screen recording setup and my doodle turned into a Forgelock related logo thing, so we might as well post it! Just under two hours in real time, sped up about 8x so it’s not too boring but also not too quick so as to be meaningless if you wanted to follow along.

Also, there’s no audio so you can continue listening to whatever you’re listening to. Or, if you want suggestions, might I recommend soundtracking your entire life with this song on loop? Yes. Yes I do.

So enjoy! It’s nothing super complex. Still setting a ton of things up. If you have questions, ask them in the youtube comments. Also, as a side note, that’s my (Brennan’s) personal account which I’m just turning into this sort of non-official miscellaneous youtube server dump. Forgelock TV will still have all the “real” episodes when they start rolling.

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